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Eco My World School Fundraising Program
 Eco My World
Team logo items are a popular and smart value to invest in for your child and everyone loves to support their favorite organization. At Eco My World, we are dedicated to educating our youth and supporting our schools. Our philanthropic school fundraising program will solve many of the fundraising needs most schools face during the school year. The Eco My World program doesn’t put pressure on parents to purchase unwanted and useless items or magazine subscriptions to publications that are not read. On the contrary, we have designed a program that will benefit both students and the schools and provide a useful item with many years of service. The most exciting aspect of our program is your school or organization has the capability to design a specific product unique to them. No two schools will have the same product, and our product can be changed from year to year to build excitement for future sales.

Our fundraising program works like this: your school or organization custom designs a logo that is exclusive, then a bag style is paired with this custom logo. A minimum order of 50 pieces per style of bag is required and shipping and handling is paid by the organization. All bags are sold at wholesale prices to the school or organization, then the school or organization sells the bags at retail prices and all proceeds are kept by the school or organization.

Remember, Eco My World can custom design any type of tote or handbag, and our products are made with recycled billboard vinyl and new billboard vinyl. Eco My World handbags are virtually indestructible and are handmade in Poland not mass produced in China. We believe that this is a useful, and exciting new product with endless applications and possibilities. We invite you to help us save the earth one billboard at a time, while the RECYCLED world meets the ART world!