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Welcome to Eco My World by Claudia Lee! Where we take recycled billboard vinyl and pair it with high fashion and design. On this website, we introduce to you, our eco friendly vinyl billboard handbags, totes, messenger bags, lunch bags, and purses!

Eco My World is a company borne from a little girls' infatuation with design, fashion, function and flare. It is through her fondness of art and the world around us, that the idea for these practical, fun and eco friendly billboard vinyl handbags came about. Claudia Lee is a blessed young middle school girl, who has traveled the world to develop a keen sense of fashion. Since Claudia's father has been in the billboard industry since 1994, it was uncanny that she and her father discovered the concept of recycled billboard hand bags during a recent visit to Barcelona Spain. Numerous conversations later, and a pointed question to her father asking 'Dad, how many of those vinyl billboards do you throw away', and the company evolved.

Eco My World is passionate about reusing cast off products from the billboard industry, while marrying these recycled products with new innovative materials and designs.

The mission of the Eco My World is to make the consumer excited and motivated to use our practical, eco friendly products daily. We have accomplished a very difficult task where "art meets the recycled world" proving contemporary products can be made of salvaged billboard materials.

Our individually made vinyl handbags are designed with the focus of utility and original design. In the spirit of helping renew our earth, Eco My World has given a new meaning to function. Claudia Lee together with the design team continues to create interesting and purposeful billboard vinyl messenger bags, backpacks, totes, grocery bags, lunch boxes, beach bags and handbags.