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About Us
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It is by coincidence that Eco My World by Claudia Lee evolved, from a simple stroll on the streets of Barcelona Spain, a promise to a little girl, then to months of design and redesigns, our company should be called the ‘little engine that could’. After years of dumping discarded billboard vinyls into landfills, we find ourselves fervently designing exciting and functional handbags out of stuff that we once called ‘trash’.

Claudia's father has been active in the billboard industry for fourteen years. The desire to produce these bags was fueled by memories of billboard vinyl lying in the dumpster outside her father’s business. This is an ecological commitment that is important to Claudia, and it is her determination that has been the driving force to make this company a reality. As the future of Eco My World develops, Claudia’s goal is to find more exciting and fun ways to reuse stuff that was once called ‘trash’.

The recycled billboard handbag is not a new concept and there are numerous companies out there producing them. But what makes Eco My World different? We have married the recycled world with art, fashion and design. Our utilitarian handbags are not only recycled, but are creative and distinctive from all others. We have included a very artistic spin to our product. Polish artist Joanna Butlewska-Cofta, a Poznan Poland resident, is our artistic consultant. Her earth inspiring and captivating nature impressions will be embodied in some of our designs. It is only fitting and poignant that the many of our products are handmade in Poland, the country that Claudia’s father fled 27 years ago. Our Polish manufacturing environment is safe and overseen by a family that has produced products for over 35 years. Also we utilize a Chicago Illinois manufacturer that has been in business since 1921. This company is family owned and operated. All of our merchandise is made with great quality and craftsmanship. We take immense pride that our product is not made in China, and our products are derived from environmentally safe paints, vinyl, and handbag straps.

It is our hope that you truly enjoy the function and use of our bags, while appreciating their flavorful designs. Most importantly, we are very proud to have found great use for stuff that once was called ‘trash’.